Our systems

Automatic moulding

We have an automatic Silent Flex moulding system equipped with an 800×700 mm bracket range and a 245+245 mm maximum height, combined with a state-of-the-art casting robot with the capacity to cast up to 80 kg per bracket.

Mechanised system for large castings

We have a Silent Flex moulding machine equipped with a 1350×1250 mm bracket range and a 400+400 mm maximum height, with an attached bracket shaving unit. Up to 130 kg of net production.

Casting department

The foundry has a 700 kg/h tower-type automatic loading melting furnace with a 1500 kg holding chamber and two 800 kg capacity holding furnaces with an attached metal treatment unit.
Daily capacity of 50 q.

Finishing and tests

We have a deburring department consisting of one horizontal and two vertical polishers, manual mills and grinders to respond to any type of finishing request as well as an area to inspect the casting surface and dimensions. We have a cluster sandblasting machine for the cleaning and sandblasting of castings with stainless steel grit. For special treatments, such as heat treatments, impregnation and mechanical processing, we collaborate with specialised subcontractors located near the foundry.

Quality laboratory

The laboratory is Fonderia Raccagni’s strongest asset, essential for producing high-quality castings and above all reproducible over time.

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